Thursday, 6 February 2014

Could you be the next Sea Champion to inspire our youths?

As a Sea Champion, you are the voice of our seas in your communities. It's so important to inspire young people about our amazing marine life, as these are the people who will be speaking out for our seas in the future. Could you be the next Sea Champion to inspire people through a talk? Or enthuse people about our amazing marine life at events?

Alice Lockhart, age 12 from London, created a slide show as part of a school project after discovering the horrific truth behind shark fin soup. "I was shocked by how these majestic animals were treated so abominably."

Alice would relish the chance to one day become a marine biologist: "The seas are one of the great uncontrollable forces of nature, making up 70 percent of planet earth they sustain a fully balanced and complete ecosystem that depicts awe and wonder in to the hearts of millions. I find the oceans fascinating and would love to work discovering more about the most unexplored surface of the planet, the great expanse of water that we call the sea." 

Get in touch with your Volunteer Coordinator if you'd like to inspire people through giving a talk in your communities or by representing MCS at events.

See Alice's amazing school project below:

Nice work Alice!
For up to date information on sharks, visit 

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