Friday, 21 February 2014

And the show went on ...thanks to Sea Champions!

The London Dive show, or London International Diving Exhibition to give it the proper title, is one of our biggest and most important supporter events of the year.

MCS Marketing Manager, Debbie Stenner, tells us how our team of Sea Champions inspired hundreds of people to make a pledge to marine conservation, despite being hampered by some typically bad, British weather...

"Amidst winds and rain, I braved the floods around Ross-on-Wye, and headed down to the London Dive Show to meet up with Sea Champions and Volunteer Coordinators Matt and Ed.

Flights and trains were being cancelled, and all but essential travel was being advised against. The irony of an underwater sports show being hampered by floods was not lost on me, but thankfully, our Sea Champions were undaunted. Big thanks especially to Sea Champion Sarah Conner, who endured a rather turbulent flight down from Scotland!

None the less, although quieter than last year, it was a good show. The diving public were genuinely keen to hear more about how we’re trying to help UK seas recover from man’s exploitation.

Big thanks go to Sea Champions, you helped us speak to hundreds of divers about our conservation work, signed up over 70 new members, and encouraged lots of people to donate their time to help protect our UK seas, shores and wildlife. 

Sea Champions were also promoting our competition to win a marine conservation dive with Monty Halls! There's still time to enter if you haven't already - closing date 28thFebruary.

Thank you to everyone who gave their time and energy and I’m looking forward to the next big event. Hopefully a drier one."

If you would like to help out at an upcoming event, get in touch with your Volunteer Coordinator and check out our guide to representing MCS at events.

MCS staff and Sea Champions at the London Dive Show (Debbie Stenner, centre)

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