Friday, 31 January 2014

Chilly Seasearch dive this winter

Scottish Sea Champions completed the furthest westerly Seasearch dive along the Forth Estuary

Sea Champion Sarah Conner donned her drysuit with Volunteer Coordintor Matt Barnes for a chilly December Seasearch survey.

"It was quite an interesting one, we surveyed the area quite far up the estuary near the iconic Forth rail bridge. Although only a shallow dive, there were strong currents and visability was under 1 meter. That said, the site was surprisingly interesting with loads of colourful sea slugs (nudibranchs), brittle stars and dead mans fingers" says Matt.

During 2014, Matt and Sarah are hoping to explore more inner Forth estuary unmapped sites!

Are you a certified diver in Scotland? Get in touch with Matt for more information if you'd like to get involved with Seasearch.

Check out some of Scotland's amazing life beneath the waves.

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