Monday, 28 October 2013

Sea Champion Kay speaks out for our seas

Sea Champion Kay Foster gives an account of her recent talk to around thirty people from her village:

"Jonathan Holt, from the North West Wildlife Trusts, joined me to talk about Marine Conservation Zones whilst I talked about the work of MCS, the problems of overfishing, habitat damage, discards and bycatch and what MCS is working to change in order to stop these damaging activities.

The audience were particularly interested in how they could change their fish eating habits and some of them admitted they were nervous of buying fish they weren't familiar with because they weren't sure how to cook it or what it would taste like. There was a popular suggestion that they hold a fish cooking and tasting session in the village hall.

One member of the audience runs the local chippie and asked how she could persuade her customers to try different fish, and I threw that question open to the audience, who are her customers.
I found the audience were genuinely very interested, and the organiser had to cut the session short or we could have been there all night answering questions!"

Are you interested in giving a talk in your area? Get in touch with your Volunteer Coordinator for support.

Kay Foster and Jonathon Holt talking about the work of MCS

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