Monday, 7 October 2013

Children's 'pester power' can help tackle the plague of ocean debris

In July we blogged about Sea Champion Alex Milden helping to teach school children about the marine environment through workshops at the Ecover Schools Blue Mile event in Plymouth. Results of a recent survey show just how important these workshops have been.

Before and after the workshops, children completed the Ecover Blue Mile's short survey so we can gauge whether children's perceptions about marine litter had changed.

Results show that youngsters' views changed as they learnt more about the topics of marine litter and came to understand the impacts and solutions. More specifically, children’s problem awareness increased as they showed more concern about the issue after taking part in the event.

Children also perceived greater negative impacts of marine litter, and their knowledge improved regarding the possible sources of the rubbish, the predominance of plastic, and the potential time it takes litter to degrade.

Crucially, the children reported that since the event in June, they are now encouraging family and friends to perform more litter-reducing behaviours, showing the importance of ‘pester power’.

This shows just how important it is to engage with the next generation, and it is a big part of what Sea Champions is all about.

Are you keen to inspire the next generation about our amazing marine wildlife and conservation issues? You can find out about becoming a Sea Champion at

Take a look at the Ecover Schools Blue Mile Image Gallery

Sea Champion Alex running beach workshops at the Ecover Blue Mile event in Plymouth.

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