Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kate completes her first half marathon!

Welsh Sea Champion Kate Wilson ran 13.5 miles around the Forest of Dean at the weekend, to raise funds for MCS. Here’s what she has to say:

“The fact that I completed the Forest of Dean Autumn Half Marathon just shows that anybody really can take on the challenge. I absolutely hate running, and I had never ran more than 20 minutes before. But despite this, I signed up with the view that more people would sponsor me if I did something that I would really find gruelling.

I had a team of friends who signed up too, to help motivate me, and I had colleagues who trained with me on a weekly three miles.

The day came far too quickly, and the longest I had ran was still a measly three miles. I was dreading it! Not only was it a huge distance, it was very hilly. But bizarrely, I actually enjoyed it! The sun was shining, the atmosphere was fantastic, and there were loads of people at my pace to talk to along the way. I was absolutely fine up until 10 miles, and only really found the last 3 miles a struggle. I barely walked, but my jogging pace was so slow I was practically walking anyway. Even though I was painfully slow, I’m proud to say I wasn’t last!

I think this shows that anyone can do this – why not take on a challenge and tick off something from your bucket list?”

Would you like to be a fundraiser for MCS? Check out our support resources.

Kate (third from left) and friends set to run the Forest of Dean Autumn Half Marathon!

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