Thursday, 19 September 2013

Wow, what an amazing weekend! Two days dedicated to promoting marine conservation both in the water and out. Sea Champions Natasha and Anna tell us about their experiences of the Plymouth Blue Mile.


"Lady luck was definitely smiling on us as the sun shone brightly over the Blue Mile event village on Saturday morning. The MCS stand was well equipped with activities and information and the team of staff and Sea Champions Volunteers were raring to chat to people about our work. It was also a real treat to have marine photographer extraordinaire Paul Naylor and his family on the stand with us. Paul very kindly helped with the Touch Table, sharing lots of fun facts about life under our seas. Did you know that cuttlefish have green blood?!

By midday the atmosphere was buzzing and everyone was having a great time. Larry the Lobster came out to please the crowds (and frighten a few dogs!) and six of the MCS team hit the water for the Aqua-tri. Plenty of cheering and hooting ensued! Back at the stand, Litter Pick Panic and the Touch Table were a hit with the children coming to learn more about our seaside.

All in all it was a super day and for me one of the best bits was getting the chance to spend time with other Sea Champions. Anna and Alex were super stars, donning the lobster costume and getting on a paddleboard all in the name of marine conservation!"


"It was an inspiring weekend spent at the Ecover Blue Mile in Plymouth with MCS. Lots of local children met Larry the lobster (Larry met Tim Baillie Olympic slalom canoeist and wore his Olympic Gold for a bit. When I say Larry, I mean me in the suit, and the gold was tantalisingly close on the outside of the costume hanging on the eye slit!) Stand up paddle boards , kayaks and swimmers took to the water en masse. Some races were more competitive than others , but all drew great support from the watching crowds.

The gala dinner was excellent with lovely local food (and local Plymouth gin) with some great prizes and thought provoking speeches from guest speakers including Paul Rose, who had encountered plastic pollution in Franz Josef land on one of his many expeditions.

The weather on Sunday was less summery with distinctly autumnal gusts and some drizzle early afternoon. Taster sessions on the water were more fun to watch with the paddle boards a little less stable in the swell!

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend and it was great to interact with the positive crowd that the event attracted."

Sea Champion Natasha with MCS's Dr. Solandt, Anna disguised as Larry the Lobster, Olympic slalom canoeist Tim Baillie, and MCS's Andy Bool. Check out more photos from the weekend on the Sea Champions South West England facebook page.

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