Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sea Champion Crystal Golden-Hann tell us about representing MCS at the Bristol Festival of Nature:

  "This was my first outing as a Sea Champion on the front line. I’d previously taken part in beach cleans but this time I’d be manning the stand, talking to the public and answering questions. Other members of the team put me at ease, explaining the main issues we would be focusing on: promoting the Good Fish Guide, the Sea Champions scheme, beach cleaning and benefits of membership.

It was really heartening to see how many people are interested in the work MCS does. Many people were surprised at the sort of rubbish that we’ve found on our beaches during the beach cleans which illustrates how important education about pollution is. So many people don’t realise that what is flushed down a toilet can end up in the sea and on the beach.

We also had a small sand pit which we filled with rubbish then kids were invited to take part in a mini ‘beach clean’. This proved to be very popular, the children absolutely loved it and hopefully we helped to inspire a future generation of marine conservationists."

Sea Champion Crystal Golden-Hann running Litter Pick Panic at the Bristol Festival of Nature 

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