Monday, 16 September 2013

Hang on to your tackle in Cardigan Bay!

MCS Angling litter bins are now installed at six locations around Ceredigion thanks to Friends of Cardigan Bay (FoCB)!

Phil Hughes, FoCB's chairman says: "The bins have worked well in their first three months, collecting a whole host of discarded line, hooks and general fishing waste. Whilst I appreciate litter on our beaches can be an on-going problem throughout the UK, angling line and hooks are particularly harmful to wildlife. Our oceans and wildlife have been abused for too long, but it's pleasing to see that attitudes are slowly changing."

Phil thanks volunteers for emptying the bins, anglers who are using the facility, and Ceredigion County Council who have supported the scheme.

Currently Angling litter bins are located at Aberystwyth (wooden jetty, stone jetty & Constitution hill), Borth (cliff end), Clarach (South Beach), and Newquay (outside the Boat place).

If you are interested in setting up angling litter bins in your area, download our "How to" guide and online resources.
Hang On To Your Tackle

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  1. We have spent our holidays in Aberystwyth Borth on and off for over thirty years. After face to face encounters with a Lesser Black Backed Gull skeleton with fishing line attached and twenty coils round the neck and a Gannet on the Cumbrian coast caught up in fishing net discards and rope , I have removed rope and net and line by the bagful,(the bag normally picked up from the beach) when I have had the opportunity. This year at Aberystwyth, Clarach, Borth and at Aberaron too I struggled to find a handful or two, and no bags...something is working my congratulations to those involved.