Tuesday, 8 September 2015

There's always a way to get involved with MCS!

We are lucky to have three fab Volunteer Coordinators who look after Sea Champions in Scotland, the South West and the South & South of England and they do a splendid job. But sometimes we get approached by people outside of those areas who want to help or by younger people (our current programme is for over 16s). What happens then?

Phoebe Harris (aged 13) was one of those people. She got in touch with us in May wanting to join the Sea Champions programme but unfortunately as she is under 16 we weren’t able to take her on. That didn’t deter Phoebe one bit. We shared some other things that she could do and she jumped right in. Find out what she got up to below.

"As I looked into the Marine Conservation Society I really liked what they do and although I was a bit gutted not to become a Sea Champion I thought it would be good to raise money for them so I could be a part of their great work. When I found out about what a Big Blue Day was I knew that it would a great experience and something to put on my CV.

Once my school told me I could do it I decided that I was going to do a cake sale. I printed off posters and stuck them around the school to let people know it was happening. Then the night before the cake sale I baked a range of different cakes and biscuits, all with something blue to represent Big Blue Day. I did get a few people to help me out but I did most of the preparation myself. 

On the day of my cake sale I brought all my cakes in and set up the tables where it was going to take place and waited for people to arrive. I felt the cake sale went very well and I'm very happy with the £59.60 that I raised. I hope to do more fundraising in the future for the Marine Conservation Society."

A huge thanks Phoebe, we’re looking forward to welcoming you to Sea Champions in the future! 

If you’re interested in getting involved with MCS but aren't able to become a Sea Champion for whatever reason then have a look at our Get Involved page and be sure to check out the Quick Actions.

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