Monday, 19 January 2015

Arming Sea Champions to inspire the Marine Conservationists of the future

Over the last year MCS Education Officer Jenny has been busy developing a suite of schools workshops which impart important messages about marine conservation to younger generations. Once the workshops had been tried, tested and tweaked it was time to take them wider and teach others how to deliver them. Brilliantly we have a cohort of Sea Champions volunteers who are really keen to do this so last December we ran our first education training days in Bristol, Edinburgh and London.

Jenny took the Sea Champions through how to teach three of the MCS education workshops: the “Oceans Alive” assembly, “Beside the Sea” aimed at Key Stage One and the “Aliens of the Deep” for Key Stage Two. Everyone got stuck into the activities and had a go at delivering the workshops. Although there was a mixture of backgrounds and abilities the volunteers were very supportive, giving encouragement and tips along the way. There were plenty of those great moments that happen when people share their experiences.

At the end of the session everyone pledged their next steps by completing the sentence, “If I do one new thing after today I will….” Ed, Jules and Matt (our Volunteer Coordinators) are now excited to be supporting the Sea Champions as they go out to schools in their local community to deliver these workshops and inspire the Marine Conservationists of the future.

We'd like to say a big thank you to Marks & Spencer for the funding support that enabled us to run the training days.

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