Monday, 28 July 2014

Wibble wobble, have you spotted a jellyfish?

Then please take part in the MCS Jellyfish Survey!       

We've teamed up with Exeter University to publish a report on jellyfish distribution in UK seas. With the help of your sightings, we've tracked unusual events and trends in jellyfish movements. Thank you Sea Champions for taking part!

>>Find out which species are near you

Please keep telling us if you spot any jellyfish on your trips to the beach this summer, as more jellyfish blooms are expected as our seas warm up. It's not just jellyfish we want to know about - if you're lucky enough to spot a basking shark or turtle, please tell us!

>>Report your sightings

Thanks to all who have taken part in the MCS Jellyfish Survey! This one is a blue jellyfish. Image: A. Pearson

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