Monday, 16 June 2014

There’s got to be easier ways to raise money!

MCS supporter, Alex Dew, has completed the gruelling Marathon Des Sables - an ultra marathon run over six days, covering 156 miles in the baking heat of the Sahara desert.

Alex, who raised over £900 for MCS in the process wrote about his experience which sounded dreadful! Alex – we salute you!

“I didn't wash in six days. I had to poop in bags. The water I drank was filled with electrolyte tablets, which made it taste like grape juice with added bleach. My food looked like vomit and tasted awful.”

“Running on sand was painful and exhausting. My muscles tired quickly because with every step the sands shifted, forcing my feet to be thrown in different directions. Each new angle forced my feet to slip around inside my shoes, which caused skin abrasions and blisters.”

“By the end of stage two my feet had started to fall apart. I had holes in the soles of both the left and the right, and blisters on many toes. At the clinic, iodine was poured into the open wounds, the pain of which was akin to having nails driven through my feet.” 

“As the finish line approached my feet felt as if they were bloody stumps, but the sight of the end of my pain spurred me into a fast jog. Tears streamed down my face, making little rivers in the grime, as I crossed the finish line and stopped running!”

If you fancy taking on a challenge and raising money for our seas, check out our
resources for fundraisers >>

 MCS Fundraiser Alex Dew still smiling at the end of the world's toughest race!

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