Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sea Champions complete this year’s first Ecover Blue Mile event!

South West Sea Champions were quick off the mark holding this year’s first Ecover Blue Mile event! To appeal to those who are not so sporty, the team of Sea Champions organised a sponsored beach clean and Beachwatch litter survey at Black Nore Beach near Portishead, raising £200 for MCS.

In addition to the 89 drink containers, 148 bottle tops and 52 fast food boxes, the team also found a rubber duck, a whole fishing net and a vacuum cleaner!

Big thanks to all!

Would you like to hold an Ecover Blue Mile event of your own to raise funds for our amazing seas, shores and wildlife? Visit for more information.

More photos of the UK's first Ecover Blue Mile event here.

A haul of 30 kilos of rubbish in total, including a “Henry” vacuum cleaner!

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