Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Saving our seas ...from your office!

Why not take the MCS message to your workplace?

Sea Champion Tamsin Palmer took the MCS message to the Met. Office in Exeter last week to showcase our work and get her colleagues involved in our coastal campaigns.

Sea Champion Pat O'Connell from Weston-super-Mare also went along for the day to offer support.

Tamsin's colleagues were keen to get involved in hands on conservation activities, with a staff member signing up as a Beachwatch Organiser and many staff members keen to become Beachwatch volunteers.

Big thanks to Tamsin for building the battle against against beach litter!

Why not encourage your colleagues or fellow students to help save our seas? Or how about holding a Big Blue Day?

Get in touch with your Coordinator for support and ideas.

Sea Champions Tamsin Palmer and Pat O'Connell inspiring staff at the UK's weather headquarters.  

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