Monday, 25 March 2013

Paint-a-Fish still going strong!

‘Paint a Fish’ is a fun activity to run during the school holidays and engage the young ones in helping save our fish stocks!

Via the "Paint a Fish" campaign, Sea Champions are giving young people the chance to have a say on the future of our fish stocks by putting pressure on EU leaders during the final stages of the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, scheduled to reach a conclusion by the end of June.
The campaign has already gathered incredible support from every EU member state with over 25,000 fish paintings in its ‘virtual fish stock’. It was one of the many activities that contributed to the outcome of the historic vote at the European Parliament on the 6th February 2013, when MEPs approved a report to end overfishing, responding to civil society demands.

But the work is not yet done and from now until the end of June, ‘Paint a Fish’ will be putting pressure on EU Fisheries Ministers to ensure that they support the European Parliament’s proposed report. Download the ‘Paint a Fish’ activity guide and check out for more information and materials.

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