Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Historic vote for radical reform of Common Fisheries Policy

Together we made history!

Today, an overwhelming majority of MEPs just agreed to end overfishing, with 502 - 137 votes in favour for the restoration of fish stocks by 2020.

Debbie Crockard, MCS Fisheries Policy Officer, who attended the Plenary vote said:

“The overwhelming support shown by the Parliament for radical reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) sends a clear message. We hope that the Council will look to match this ambition, and deliver a reformed CFP that delivers a sustainable and prosperous future for not only our fish stocks, but the fishermen and communities who rely on them.”
A huge thank you to all Sea Champions who to took part in the Paint-a-Fish campaign - all over the UK, Sea Champions have been encouraging all ages to "Paint-a-Fish" in schools, at events and on the street, even from the comfort of their own homes via social media, adding to an urgent message being sent to Europe’s key decision makers.

Together, we all helped win some of today's votes, giving the Parliament a massive mandate for change in its negotiations with the European Council to agree the final reforms that can save our oceans.

Over 180,000 people sent messages to MEPs before the vote took place, and Sea Champions sure helped contribute to this massive figure.

Read more about the Common Fisheries Policy Reform here.

Paint-a-Fish in action at the Looe Monkey Festival

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