Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sea Champions highlight the plastic peril in our oceans at Whalefest 2012

Marine litter is an enormous problem. Take a walk along a beach after a storm and you'll get a good idea of what's floating around in our seas ...plastic bottles, flip flops, polystyrene boxes, fishing litter, the list is endless. Plastic pieces, plastic caps and lids and polystyrene pieces are the top 3 litter items found in our Beachwatch surveys.

Plastics in our seas don't just go away. They break down into smaller and smaller pieces. Now hundreds of billions of plastic particles are contaminating our seas.

Sea Champions ran workshops at Whalefest 2012 to highlight the impacts of plastics to marine mammals.  After a talk by Sea Champions Volunteer Coordinator Ed Santry, the volunteers encouraged the audience to think about ways to reduce litter, particularly plastics, in their homes, schools and work places.

Are you interested in becoming a Sea Champion? Find out more here about our volunteer scheme.

You can also take part in our microplastics campaign to help us push for a ban on microplastics in consumer products.

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