Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Inspiring the next generation!

Mini eco warrior chosen to front publicity campaign to encourage more people to pick up litter 

Eight year old Jack Bowes who attends Southdown Junior School in Sussex saw his school get overrun by giant inflatable marine creatures thanks to MCS and their school workshop. Here, Jack learned all about the impacts of marine litter to these creatures and was so inspired that he has taken to cleaning up the local beach himself.

He cleared 3 sacks of litter from the beach single handedly, and found quite a few unusual items including an assortment of footwear! Flipflops, shoes, socks, gloves, bottles, cans, fishing litter... all manner of things were collected. But Jack's work is not finished, he plans to return with classmates to help him clear the rest of the litter as soon as possible.

Not only was Jack moved by the workshop, he is an inspiration to others too. As a result of his hard work, he has been chosen to be the face of the Planet Whales Campaign on the lead up to Whalefest 2012 this weekend.

Inspiring the next generation is what the
Cool Seas Roadshow is all about, and Sea Champions can really help by promoting the roadshow with primary schools in your area. Email Coolseasroadshow@mcsuk.org for more information. 
Mini eco warrior Jack cleans up Newhaven beach


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  1. Great work Jack. We're gonna clean up the whole World.