Friday, 20 July 2012

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2 men, 3 years, 15 countries, 10,000 miles. On foot.

A charity walk across the globe from Cardiff Wales, to Cardiff Australia.

Kieran Rae and Arjun Bhogal have the ambition to help make the world a better place, and have made a statement of truly global proportions.

Raising funds for the Marine Conservation Society and Water Aid, they will be starting from Cardiff in Wales. They are walking for around three years, through fifteen countries, covering over ten thousand miles and crossing areas such as the Eastern European forests, Kazakhstan plains, Taklamakan desert, Tibetan Plateau, Himalayas, Vietnamese jungle and east Australian coast, finishing in Cardiff, New South Wales, Australia.

In addition to raising funds, they will be producing a documentary raising awareness of environmental issues, issues that have no borders and affect us all, from the luxury apartments of Regent Street in London to the Karol Bargh Market district of India.

You can sponsor the team and keep up to date by following them on Twitter. 

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